Phone Number Verification with NumV

Use NumV to verify an event or a phone number. In most of the scenarios you do not need to send a delayed, less reliable, expensive, operator dependent SMS. Use NumV instead for phone number verification.

Case Study

Streamlining Cash on Delivery Orders for PinPack


PinPack is an online product selling company that operates in the e-commerce industry. The company is known for its efficient and fast delivery of products to customers. However, they faced a significant challenge when it came to verifying customer phone numbers for their cash-on-delivery (CoD) orders. They were manually calling customers to verify their phone numbers, which caused delays in product delivery. Moreover, even in the case of online payments, incorrect phone numbers entered by customers were causing delivery problems.


The primary challenge faced by PinPack was to automate the process of verifying customer phone numbers to reduce delays in product delivery. The company had to come up with a solution that would streamline the phone number verification process and ensure the accuracy of the information collected from customers.


After exploring various options, PinPack decided to use NumV (Number Verifier), a product that automates the process of verifying customer phone numbers. NumV is a cloud-based software that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to call customers and verify their phone numbers. Once the order is placed, NumV automatically calls the customer and asks them to verify their phone number. If the customer confirms the phone number, NumV updates the order status as verified. If the customer does not respond or provides incorrect information, the order status remains unverified, and PinPack’s customer service team follows up with the customer to resolve the issue.


Since the implementation of NumV, PinPack has seen a significant improvement in their delivery time. The automated phone number verification process has reduced the delivery time by 50% during peak traffic times. The use of AI has ensured the accuracy of the phone number verification process, reducing the chances of incorrect phone numbers being entered. This has resulted in fewer delivery problems and increased customer satisfaction. The company’s customer service team is now able to focus on resolving other issues rather than spending time verifying customer phone numbers.


PinPack’s implementation of NumV has not only streamlined their phone number verification process but has also improved their delivery time and customer satisfaction. The use of AI has ensured the accuracy of the verification process and has reduced the chances of incorrect phone numbers being entered. Overall, NumV has been a game-changer for PinPack and has allowed the company to focus on their core business activities rather than wasting time on manual phone number verification.