Automated Phone Calling Services To Scale Your Business

1Comm is a comprehensive cloud-based Automated Phone Calling System that enables you to centralize all your voice and communication workflows in one platform. With advanced business phone features, you can easily scale-up both inbound and outbound calling operations.

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What Is An Automated Calling Service?

An Automated Calling Service is a type of communication service that allows businesses and organisations to automatically send pre-recorded voice messages to a list of phone numbers. These services are sometimes called “Automated Calling Services” or “Automated Calls.”

The Automated Calling Service works by using an automated voice message system to deliver the pre-recorded message to recipients. The system can also offer interactive voice response (IVR) options, which allow recipients to interact with the system by pressing buttons on their phone to indicate their preferences or to answer questions.

1Comm Features

Customizable Voice Messages

Choose from pre-recorded message templates or record your own voice message, and personalize messages with relevant details.

Caller ID Customization

Customize your Caller ID information so recipients recognize your organization or business and answer the call.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Allow recipients to interact with the system using their phone’s keypad to indicate preferences or answer questions.

Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

Allow recipients to interact with the system using their phone’s keypad to indicate preferences or answer questions.

Do-Not-Call List Scrubbing

Feature to scrub against Do-Not-Call lists and avoid calling individuals who have opted out of receiving marketing calls.

Multi-Lingual Support

Feature to scrub against Do-Not-Call lists and avoid calling individuals who have opted out of receiving marketing calls.

Scheduling & Automation

Schedule calls for specific times or dates, and set up automated calling campaigns to run regularly.

Integration With Other Systems

Integrates with your existing systems, such as CRM or marketing automation, to streamline workflow and campaign management.

Message Delivery Options

Choose from text-to-speech (TTS), recorded messages, or a combination for effective message delivery.

Call Transfer Options

Ability to transfer calls to live agents for seamless customer experience and handling complex queries.

1Comm Automated Calling Service Benefits

Saves Time and Resources

Deliver the same message to large audiences efficiently, saving staff time and resources with 1Comm Automated Calling Service.

Increases Efficiency

Deliver targeted messages and receive real-time feedback, enhancing efficiency.

Improves Customer Service

Keep customers informed and engaged with appointment and event notifications, increasing satisfaction.

Enhances Marketing Efforts

Automated Calling Services, including 1Comm’s service, can personalize messages and track metrics to improve marketing strategies.

Increases Safety and Security

Communicate critical information to customers and employees in emergency situations, keeping them informed and safe.

1Comm Use Cases

Never Miss an Appointment Again

Keep Your Audience in the Loop

Streamline your scheduling process with 1Com's Automated Appointment Reminder service.

1Comm's Automated Event Notification system delivers timely and effective messages to keep your audience engaged and informed.

Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

Stay Prepared for Emergencies

1Comm's Automated Calling Service is the perfect solution to enhance your marketing campaigns with personalized messages and advanced metrics tracking.

Trust 1Comm's Automated Emergency Alert system to quickly and effectively communicate important information to your customers and employees in critical situations.

Get the Feedback You Need

1Comm's Automated Survey and Feedback Request service provides an easy way to gather valuable insights from your audience and make informed business decisions.

How 1Comm Works

1Comm’s Automated Calling Service streamlines your communication workflows by automating the calling process. Here’s how it works:

Uploading and Managing Contact Lists

You can easily upload and manage your contact lists through our user-friendly interface.

Recording and Customizing Voice Messages

Record and customize your voice messages to fit your brand’s unique voice and tone, and to deliver targeted messages to your recipients.

Scheduling and Sending Calls

Schedule and send your calls to hundreds or even thousands of recipients at once, with the option to set up recurring calls.

Monitoring and Analyzing Results

Monitor and analyze your results in real-time through our reporting dashboard, where you can track metrics such as response rates and campaign effectiveness. With this valuable data, you can make data-driven decisions to improve your communication strategies and achieve your business goals.

Security and Compliance

At 1Comm, we take the security and compliance of our Automated Calling Service very seriously. Our system is designed to be fully compliant with all relevant regulations, including the TCPA and GDPR. This means that your data is protected and your customers’ privacy is respected at all times. You can trust our service to keep your information safe and secure, while providing you with the efficient and effective communication solution you need.


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